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CRT's "core product line" remains —


CRT prepares to launch its industry disruptive, HOLLOW, composite rebar with the following properties that outperform steel and other composites. Successful pilot plant production resulted in proven products that are accepted by the American Concrete Institute; American Concrete Institute has approved the use of composite rebar [Publication Nº 440R].

The advantages held by WondeRebar over all other alternatives include…


Stronger than steel weighing 75% less

• Hollow core enables
larger diameters

• Hollow core enables
added functionality as conduit

If you are a builder, architect, designer, owner, investor, or engineer, or contractor interested in distributing, buying, or using this superior concrete construction product, contact CRT.

Please review our website for more details about the technology and products, and go to our “Contact” to reach us for a quick call back.