Action Planning

The Company will be seeking an additional round of equity financing to finalize its pre-commercial development work. When ready an Offering Memorandum will be prepared complying with all applicable laws. Generally, the funds will be used for completing the set-up of a pultrusion line to produce product, independent testing of the product to validate
chemical and physical characteristics (e.g. corrosion resistance and strength), development and testing of couplers, refinement trials of various product adhesives, development of larger diameter rebar and couplers and validation of scalability of CRT products, and general working capital to pay overhead, expand international patent coverage, and market development. The Company expects that these tasks can be accomplished in approximately nine months.

Because of the substantial amount of development and testing work that has been performed already on its product and process design, as well as the growing number of successful commercial applications of solid FRP rebar, CRT expects the element of risk or uncertainty concerning these validations during product refinement and testing to be modest.

At the end of this period, CRT will have commercial product available for sale, independently confirmed product and performance characteristics, and specific market opportunities, and will seek additional funding to expand market development, distribution and commercial scale production.

A subsequent round of funding is anticipated to capitalize commercial scale production. Though the Company anticipates that market development will be gradual due to general bureaucratic resistance to any new product, it believes that annual sales could exceed $200 million in five to seven years, and $500 million within ten to twelve years.