Superior Composite Rebar—

Replaces Steel

Composite Rebar Technologies, Inc. (“CRT”) is a development stage company that has developed a unique hollow fiber reinforced polymer (“FRP”) composite reinforcing bar (“Rebar”) product and the process to produce it. The product will be used as a superior replacement for steel rebar in the concrete construction industry, due to its greater strength, light weight, and non-corroding characteristics.

CRT’s hollow composite Rebar provides distinct advantages for many concrete construction applications in which the concrete will be affected by corrosion of the imbedded steel reinforcement, where non-ferrous reinforcement is a requirement, where light weight is a benefit, or where instrumentation or inspection conduits are desired in a smart-structure application.

The market for steel rebar in the United States alone is over 14 billion feet per year. While steel has been used for concrete reinforcement for many decades, for lack of a better alternative, it nonetheless corrodes and leads to premature deterioration of reinforced concrete structures. Steel rebar leads to and is responsible for “crumbling infrastructure,” a U.S. problem currently assessed at more than two trillion dollars. FRP Rebar is the first practical and economic solution to eliminate this problem.

CRT has designed a proprietary production process, and has contributed to the successful effort to have FRP Rebar approved for use by the American Concrete Institute. For further product development and commercial production, CRT has developed an alliance with Teel Plastics in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Teel is an innovator in composites and pultrusion.